The N.I.X server

You web presentation with a guaranteed feel-good factor


The "General Data Protection Regulation", GDPR (in German DSGVO), is a european law, meant to apply some rules to the excessive use of private data by some big companies. A good idea!

Besides that it fully applies to everybody, even to people, who collect data by accident while using external functions or having a provides that writes clear logfiles...

Today there are numerous channels for user data and some of them can be identified by professionals only.

At FALCOM GmbH we are pioneers of the World Wide Web, running own servers since 1996. Our domain,, was registered 10 days before and a year before

We know, how to build machines, that do not callenge the users privacy. We waive most of those modern blessing and stay with prooven technology. This makes our devices looking "old" in it´s best sense. We call that new philosophy Steampunk Computing

The machine

N.I.X stands for Nothing Intimate eXchanged.

It is a server, located in Falkenstein, Germany, which is under our full control. It runs a minimalistic configuration and does not contain any data or any service, that could be useful to hackers. It uses encrypted communication only and is mirrored at least weekly.

It never collects any data from the vistor and does not allow third parties to do so.

A N.I.X certified website bears

  • no external content, like weather, routes, newsfeed etc.
    Links to outside information will always open in a new browser window.
  • nothing to be stored or executed on the visitors computer, like scripts or cookies. 
    We do not interact and calculate all dynamic parts on the N.I.X server.
  • no extentions, fonts, scripts or other blessings from providers like google.
    We only distribute what  is locally stored and prevent any interference.
  • no like buttons or other connectors to social media.
    We still appreciate handmade likes.
  • no forms, not even a contact form.
    We are using to good old "mailto" methode, offering the target email to the users email program.
  • no identifiable faces, except from people, who know and agreed.
    We use public domain images or we ask.

With every N.I.X server a privacy declaration is included. It is short, understandable and 100% applicable.

The N.I.X seal on your homepage ensures the visitor, that his privacy stays untouched.

The service

We offer

  • migration of your existing homepage to a N.I.X server, while we find and purge all hidden transmitters.
  • support and consulting for the build of your new website
  • competent personal service via phone and email